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Frickin EMO haters on here!!!!

2007-11-10 07:14:06 by srt10viperboy


why do all these faggots insist in making these crap quality...
really stupid HATE EMO Flashes?

theyre not funny, really offensive, and are ALL based around stereotype...

this shiz makes me sick

NONE of my emo friends or myself have even considered slitting our wrists!
and not one of us is moody all the time...

we dnt complain about everything!
we hang out have a GOOD time and listen to GOOD music..
none of this shit My Chemical Romance ETC...

most of us listen to trance,dance and other more "CHAVVY" forms of music!!!

rant over.. but just think about what your saying and submitting before you say it!!!
not everyone takes it like nothing!


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